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Okay, so I am beginning to learn a little about the things I need to do with my completed work before I ever begin querying agents or publishers.  One of the best gems on the internet is World Literary Cafe.

For one thing, once your story is complete, edit it.  Twice, at least.  Now, some people aren’t the best at grammar and spelling.  Okay, well if you use Word to write, it should have a grammar check.  RUN IT.  If you don’t have that function on your computer, then I suggest you find an editor.  Luckily, World Literary Cafe (WLC) does have some.  Now, the advertisements I saw were for paid editors, and I’m not sure you can find a free one on there, but when you’re trying to get published, you really do need to spend money to make money, and no publisher is going to give you an honest chance if the first paragraph is chock full of issues.

Even if you’re self-pubbing, you need to spend some money and hire an editor.  Because let me tell you, I’d be pissed if I spent money on a book that I could have my small child write and have it make more sense.

The next step is to get rid of all of your adverbs.  Don’t know what an adverb is?  GOOGLE IT!  Again, some programs can run a search on adverbs, and you can eliminate many adverbs easily.  Sometimes, you may consider leaving them in if it’s part of a character’s conversation or something, but there are very few exceptions to the rule there.

Anyway, back to WLC.  Once you have edited at least once, you can consider getting a beta reader – which you can find volunteers on the website!  Beta readers are people (typically more on the professional side) who will read your work and tell you where it doesn’t make sense, or sounds weird, or where there is a gaping plot hole you never filled because that detail was in your head the whole time.  Beta readers are  amazing because they offer an honest outside view on things you, as the writer, might overlook.

Anyway, all you aspiring writers need to go check it out if you haven’t already.

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My Book is Finished!

Of course, I say this loosely.  What I really mean is that I finished my rough first draft, the only draft I am posting on Wattpad.  I have already printed the whole she-bang, and started editing, though I have only gotten a couple of pages done.  I will do copious amounts of editing this weekend, and will start tightening up details, beefing up the story line, and getting rid of adverbs like crazy.

I have a long way to go before I’ll be ready to try to submit to an agent or publisher, but it will be completely worth it.  This is my dream.  I know most little kids wanted to be astronauts or doctors, or a rock star….  I wanted to be a writer.  My daughter, who will be eight in August, drew a picture of a unicorn.  At the top, she wrote “Dreams Come True.”  It hits those special heartstrings I have, and makes me realize that even though it’s a naive thought, we have the ability to make our dreams come true.  Sure, it may take determination, and it may take time, but we can surely do it.

Writing is my passion, and someday, I will make a living doing what I love.  As part of this plan, I will be taking some classes at my local college – Creative Writing, Writing a Novel, things along those lines.  Unfortunately, I have to take night classes since I work full time now.  But this will pay off in the future, and therefore is most definitely worth it.

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Monday is Coming… Duhn, Duhn, Duhn…..

I had a great weekend with my friend!  I’m glad she was able to come and spend time.  We went shopping, which is something we only did one other time when we were in New York City together, and it was fun.  Sad to say, I am definitely becoming a girly girl, but I enjoy feeling pretty.  I don’t really feel pretty in just jeans and a loose t-shirt.  I feel pretty in a nice top and cute shoes, and wearing accessories.  I like having my hair look good and wearing make-up.  I’m new to all of this really, but it’s been a fun transition.

Anyway, I was fully planning on updating Scream For Him tonight, but that didn’t happen and I just don’t have time to finish it before bed.  Yes, I am posting on my blog instead, but that’s not several pages long, and it doesn’t involve real thought.  I can just word vomit on the screen and call it good.

I guess I’m a weird woman.  I mean, I can cuss like a sailor and look super cute at the same time.  Maybe it’s because I’m around women who truly value the way they look and how the appear to other people.  I mean, one woman said she would never go in public dressed in any way that she couldn’t dress at work.  I see her point, because we are generally recognized in public.

I couldn’t go to a bar, make a fool of myself, and not have at least one client not know.  I go to the store, and I see people I recognize.  Some of them are co-workers, and some are clients.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just makes you more aware of yourself.  Anyway, I’m all for looking like a ragamuffin and all, but I know I can’t really get away with it.

The new boots I walk have this echo to them and it’s weird.  Like, you know how you have women who are wearing high heels and it taps really loudly?  Yep, that’s totally my new boots.  Awwwkward!  Having a ton of people staring at you makes you a little more self-conscious, lemme tell you!  Plus, my fiance tends to get a lot of looks because he has these really awesome tattoos – so we make quite the pair!

There are only 25 hours left until my contest ends on my story, Scream For Him.  The contest is basically that people had to write a letter to me as the killer.  I did this because my story is about a serial stalker/killer and he sends his victim really creepy messages – so it fits.  I think that anyone who holds a contest on their stories should make it true to their story, and not do something that doesn’t correlate to their story.  I get it that there are only so many contests you can hold online without getting too involved, but I would have picked something that matched my story regardless.

Anyway, I need to head off here – it’s definitely bed time!


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Weekend Upcoming!

So, my close friend who I haven’t seen in two years is coming to town tomorrow!  I can’t explain how excited I am that she’s going to be here, though I wish we could have both taken a day off of work to hang out more – but you get what you get!  She is also my Maid of Honor in my wedding that is coming up in September, so we are going to do some much needed wedding shopping.

I’m really glad that she will be here.  It gives us a chance to really catch up, spend some time together, and rebuild a friendship that crumbled unexpectedly.  We didn’t talk for well over a year, and one day, I finally swallowed my pride and sent her a message via FaceBook.  To be totally honest, I’m still – to this day – not sure what happened that made our friendship falter.  I can make guesses, but I’m not going to.

I’m very thankful for my friends, my fans, and my fiance.  I don’t know what I would do without them.  The people that are near and dear to me will always hold a special place for me.  That’s it for now, folks!  It’s very late here, but I couldn’t log in last night to post due to the site being down, so I thought I would vomit some words onto here for tonight.  :)

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I have to say, I love Wattpad.  Although I’m about ten years older than most members (I’m 26, for inquiring minds), I truly enjoy posting my work there.  My horror story, Scream For Him, has been a huge success, and I have over 600 fans.  For Wattpad, a story like mine that isn’t Teen Fic/Romance, that’s amazing to me.  I’ve entered it into a contest called The Watty Awards – I can’t wait to see how it does at the end of the year.

I also write for a horror magazine called Dark Dimensions.  I interview fellow horror writers, and occasionally write reviews as well.  I think I was given the opportunity as a fluke – someone couldn’t fulfill, so they asked me.  I have since worked very hard to prove that I am committed to the magazine.  It might be silly because it’s the internet, but trust me, it’s a great feat I have accomplished since I hate deadlines.

Aside from my posting stories and working on the magazine, I have also been reading other works by request and making book covers for those that ask.  I also am in the process of starting to help on a writing workshop hosted by a Wattpad member, though we haven’t completed discussion on that area at this time.

Wattpad just has so many different avenues to follow and participate in – I could do so many more things as well, but for someone who only really gets on in the evening, I think that might be pushing myself a little too hard, spreading a little thin.  Anyway, that’s my post of the day.  I wish I had something more interesting to ramble about, but I didn’t update my stories, and it’s now 11 PM and I have to work tomorrow.  Til then!

~ Kim

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Posting to Post

My name is Kim.  Clearly, I am new to the site, but I did begin this blog for a reason.  I am attempting to get published once my work is completed and edited.  I’ve read a million different web sites, but at this time, I haven’t even begun the submission process (which, I might add, seems extremely involved but I’m more than willing to try).

I’m what you might call an eclectic writer.  I like to write in multiple genres – I am currently working on fantasy, adventure, and horror stories.  I promised my husband (I say husband, though the wedding isn’t until September) that I would write a vampire story, so I have the idea in the works but haven’t really written it yet.

I have been writing for about ten years now, but I didn’t start sharing my work until last year.  My friend showed me a website, Wattpad, where you could read stories for free.  I joined, and within a month, I had posted the first chapter to a work in progress (here is the link to my profile there:  Chances are, anyone reading this is probably a member of Wattpad, and if so, welcome to my life!  :)

My goal is to get a good following on my blog, and maybe once I’m published, I will have a leg to stand on when it comes to sales.  Hopefully, I get published.  I’ve had a ton of people tell me that my work should be published, but it’s a tough market.  The odds are not in my favor, but I’m determined.  Publishing is on my list of life goals, and I’m definitely going to accomplish it, come Hell or highwater.

I want to post a blog a day, but that’s a rich goal for me.  I’ve never been very good at blogging – I forget, I get busy, excuses, excuses, excuses….  I hope to continue and make this an awesome blog for lots of readers.  I won’t be writing strictly about writing, because that’s not who I am.  I love to ramble, and so I will.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kim

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